About Us

Pinnies & Poppy Seeds is a small, artisan bakery located just off Edinburgh's famous Royal Mile. We specialise in creating delicious, handmade shortbread using the best local, Scottish ingredients. Started in 2011, we began selling our buttery treats at Farmer's Markets. After a few years, we found our wee shop and have been baking shortbread there since 2013! From our organic flour - which is grown and milled at Mungoswells 15 miles from our shop, to our butter - which we get from Lakeland, our shortbread only has the best ingredients! We searched high and low to find other small producers we think are doing exeptional things and making amazing products. Because of this, every peice of shortbread has a bit of Scotland baked right into it. And we couldn't be more proud of what we're making. We think shortbread is the best biscuit around, and we hope you'll agree that ours is pretty darn tasty!


Flour - Mungoswells Organic Plain Flour DREM, EAST LOTHIAN, SCOTLAND

Butter - Lakeland Irish Butter

Sugar - British UK

Flavours -  Uncle Roy's Comestible Concoctions MOFFAT, SCOTLAND