all about Pinnies & Poppy Seeds

Pinnies & Poppy Seeds began as an idea – a dream, really – born out of a four year long career in confectionery and a lifetime love affair with baking. We believe in quality, provenance and passion and believe that our products reflect that. We don’t try to make everything, but we want everything we make to be spectacular!

It took more than a year to develop and perfect our shortbread recipes, and we believe in every little crumb! We bake in small batches, with everything made by hand! We believe so much in the little details that we even make our own beautiful vanilla extract! What we strive for here at Pinnies & Poppy Seeds is to make the best quality product and to constantly experiment with new flavours and come up with interesting and creative ideas. We want to bring the fun and excitement back to shortbread!

Take a look at our Shortbread page for a taste of just some of the flavours we make – if you visit us in our wee shop, we have 5 rotating flavours a day!

2017 Prices:

£1.20 per shortbread

£4.50 for 4 pieces

£8.50 for 8 pieces

£12.00 for 12 pieces



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