2015 in Review!

27 Dec 2015  |  posted in Uncategorized

So it’s been a wee while since we last blogged…but we’ve been very busy making lots of shortbread for you – and what a year it’s been!

We started off the year achieving a great honour, winning a regional award for our Cardamom & White Chocolate Shortbread from the Scottish Bakers. It was a great night, and we were so proud and grateful to all of you for voting for us and believing in our products. We were up against some pretty big companies, so to win the award was a big deal!

Scottish Bakers Award


Scottish Bakers Award 2

Here is the awesome award and my handsome date to boot! It was great night, lovely to meet other bakers, many family run like myself. It’s encouraging to see so many people doing what you’re doing, keeping things traditional and producing something they are truly proud of.








Spring saw us doing lots of things we love, being creative and making totally yummy shortbread of course! We made lots of our Edible Shortbread Wreaths, totally customisable, made just the way you like it! We have so much fun making these…and the best part, is each one is totally unique, no two wreaths ever look the same :)



Spring Shoertbread Wreath 2 Spring Shortbread Wreath 1 Spring Shortbread Wreath 3

We had an incredibly busy summer, visitor numbers were through the roof, and our ovens worked overtime to make enough shortbread to satisfy the masses!! In August alone, we went through nearly 200 kg of butter!! That means we made roughly 14,000 pieces of shortbread in the month. It was our busiest summer to date, and we were so pleased that you all loved your sweet treats both here and all over the world!!

We were thrilled to be included in a number of fabulous magazines and social media blogs, many thanks to all those who got in touch and helped to support this small business. You’ll never know how much it means to be included in a list like the one on Buzzfeed – which is seen by thousands of people all over the world!

We finish up this year with another record breaking month, our busiest Christmas to date! We had so much fun making Shortbread Advent Calendars, shortbread for Santa, and Festive Wreaths!

Edible Advent 2 Edible Advent 3 Edible Advent Christmas 2015 Window Display Edible Advent 5

Thank you, for an amazingly tasty year! I am so thankful to have the best customers, family and friends. You guys keep me going day after day. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and a very Happy New Year when it comes. We’ll be blogging more often this year, so watch out! Until then, we wish you love, laughter, joy and a life filled with buttery delights!!

Jennifer and the Pinnies Team